British Improv Project




Our schedule is jam-packed to help you make the most of the weekend. At the start of each workshop session, meet in Howden to choose your workshops. Please respect everyone's time and strive for punctuality.

To help you plan your schedule, you can 'favourite' workshops to highlight them throughout the app. Click the star next to a workshop listing to add it to your favourites; click it again to remove.

Note: adding a workshop to your favourites does not guarantee you a space — you will still need to go to Howden at the start of the session to join your teacher.

Time Event
Fri 17:00 Arrivals
Fri 18:00 Dinner (available until 19:30 for latecomers)
Fri 19:00 Name Games & warmups in Maple
Fri 19:30
Workshop Slot 1
Fri 21:30
Evening Entertainment
  • The Teachers & Jam Leaders Show
  • Joined at the Quip present: Bottle
  • Canny Funny
Fri 23:00 End of today's programming
Sat 07:00 Breakfast (served to 08:30)
Sat 09:00
Workshop Slot 2
Sat 10:30 Mid-morning coffee
Sat 11:00
Workshop Slot 3
Sat 12:30 Lunch!
Sat 13:30
Workshop Slot 4
Sat 15:00 Group photos! (location tbd, depending on weather)
Sat 15:30
Free Time
Sat 18:00 Dinner!
Sat 19:30
Evening Entertainment
  • Stephen Longstaffe: Shakespeare on the Spot
  • Barnish & Carmichael
  • Improv On Demand
  • SomerSand: Into The Soul
  • Theatre Games with the Superteams
Sat 23:00 End of today's programming
Sun 07:00 Breakfast (served until 08:30).
Sun 09:00
Workshop Slot 5
Sun 10:30 Mid-morning coffee.
Sun 11:00
Workshop Slot 6
Sun 12:30 Lunch!
Sun 13:30 Thank yous and goodyes.